Knowledgeable Details On Commercial Beer Coolers

Beer is an alcoholic drink made from different fermented products. The major products used are the fermented malt flavoured with fruits, hops and several others based on the choice of drink to be manufactured. Such a product like a beer is best-served chill and most of all it has preservatives in it that could only be maintained in a certain temperature environment. Beer Coolers are used for either domestic or commercial reasons. In domestic function, the beer coolers are always very portable and kept at home for consistent use but it is quite different for the commercial context. In the commercial context, it is different from the domestic beer cooler in size, capacity, temperature range, power rating and a whole lot of other distinct characteristics. The equipment used here is called commercial beer coolers.


Commercial beer coolers are simple to understand because it is simply a beer cooler that is used commercially. This means it is used for business platforms for sales and preservation of beers, wines and even beverages. It has an average temperature of about 37 degrees Fahrenheit on the average. This temperature is perfectly designed to keep the beer fresh, preserved and chilled enough for sales and commercial function.

Types Of Commercial Beer Coolers

Commercial beer coolers are of different types. The types have been distinctly laid out based on the characteristics and this goes a long away to guide the business owner on what to buy based on his preference. The types are as follows:

  • Black beast. This black beast is the most basic type of beer cooler. It just functions like a beer pumping equipment but it cools the beer at a very moderate temperature. It is quite portable and not very heavy.
  • SCFU1330-FROST. This is always the choice laid out for any beer cooler buyer. It is so because it has every basic thing required which is good temperature, cooling ability, transparent glass to view the stored products. It comes in a good size and it could be used in big restaurants as well.
  • KRS-2100 Keg-O-Rotor. It is very popular for its capacity to hold carbonated beers for a long time without tampering with the quality. It is like a dispenser and has two kinds of barrels for storage.


  • Budget Beer Fridge. This seems to be small but it has a wide capacity built into it. It has the capacity to carry at least six different 12 ounces of packaged beer and still retain its quality. This will be very needful in joints and wine stores.
  • Stack Em High. Most people see this type as the smallest but it actually has an intriguing property. It has a space to store at least 117 beer cans at the same time.

In summary, commercial beer coolers are very relevant for growing businesses. Businesses that need these coolers include bars, restaurants, pub, wine malls and several others. It is majorly needed for large-scale selling of beer products whether in retail or wholesale.

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